Facebook Introduces Universal Search, Indexing All Public Posts


The concept for Our Company was substantiated of an easy, universal issue: The forgotten discount coupon. Whether it's the Bed Bath & Beyond 20%-off one left in your vehicle visor, the Babies R United States discount rate being in the discount coupon bowl in the house, or the Starbucks reward invoice buried in your car seat, there's no factor you need to forget these offers-- or need to keep in mind the paper. Still, 84% of customers regularly forget their vouchers at house, and 42% have actually just recently left a shop without making a purchase because they forgot their discount coupon.

There was no SnipSnap app. We were simply a lot of absent-minded couponers taking pictures of our discount coupons, and redeeming 'em off our phone's cam roll. Eventually, however, we 'd conserve a great deal of dough. More crucial, almost everybody would tap us carry asking, "What app is that?!" So we developed one.